Our Methodology "SecureStepsTM"
CipherLink utilizes a proprietary and proven framework SecureStepsTM in its consulting engagements. The SecureStepsTM methodology involves a seven-step process that includes assessing the security practices and deployment of non-technical and technical security controls within an organization. At the project level, the SecureStepsTM methodology provides a proactive approach to security and applies a repeatable and sustainable process for identifying and addressing the security issues that are critical an organizationís business. The methodology shows that security is an on-going improvement effort, not a one-time project.
Outsourced Security Officer "OSO" is an outsourced security solution that establishes the information protection strategy for your organization and manages the security activities that support the overall strategy. We use Risk Assessment, Policy Development, Technical Security Tool deployment and Employee Training methodologies to manage the on-going security effort. This service offering is ideal for companies that do not have a security organization or whose security organization is in transition.
Technology Security Assessments "TSA" is a service designed to identify security weaknesses within your corporate network and Internet architecture. We use proprietary and commercial tools to assess the security of your network infrastructure, host-based systems and applications. This service offering is geared towards companies who want to quickly identify and correct security weaknesses in their information technology environment.
Architecture Design and Deployment is a service that involves understanding the level of security required by an organization to solve a specific business issue and designing a security solution that meets the defined requirements. Deployment of the security technologies recommended within the secure architecture design document are completed using a structured methodology. Examples of such technologies include secure network architectures, access management, anti-virus, Virtual Private Networks (VPN), Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) and remote access solutions.
Training and Education taps into the human potential of your employees and technical team by educating them about the security policies and supporting boundary technologies and explaining why these security tools are so important to the overall organizational security program. The proper behavior of your employees is an essential element of your information security program. This service offering is beneficial to all organizations that understand that a successful security program involves people, as well as, technology.
Security Awareness Packages In many cases the weakest link in your security program is your employees' lack of knowledge. Our awareness packages assist you in making your employees cognizant of the dos and do nots associated with Internet security.

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